The Olympic Games are coming to London in 2012.

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom.

For £400,000, someone came up with a nice logo, which lots of people don't seem to like very much.

It seems to me that a good logo should convey a strong sense of five things:
  1. The Olympics
  2. London
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. The year 2012
  5. Sport
So I wondered what I could do in an hour that might give an idea of what a good design might be.  I'm not a graphic designer, so this concept is a bit crude.  Sorry.

Here's the clever bit.

If you take the digits '2' '0' '1' '2' you can make quite a nice shape that is both the number 2012 and a kind of human figure, perhaps a runner waiting for the starter's pistol.

2012 looks a bit like an athlete

And if you have a few together, it could look like several runners lining up at the start line, or racing for the finishing tape.

A few 2012 figures could be competing

They're even red, white and blue suggesting the colours of the Union Flag.  Add in an Olympic logo and I think we are getting somewhere.

Running in the 2012 Olympic Games
The tricky bit is London, but I think we might get away with just a skyline featuring some recognisable buildings ancient and modern.

Olympics Games, London 2012
Now, I'm no graphic designer, and I can see that there's a lot wrong here.  The colours are iffy, and that pixellated skyline is off.  The 2012 is a scribble.  It's a concept, but I like it a lot better than the one that's been chosen.

I have an idea.  I want to assert that this work is Copyright (C) 2007 J D A Parsons.  I'd be happy to license it to the London Olympic project for a suitable donation to an appropriate charity of my choice - a small fraction of £400,000 would do the trick.  I'm sure a great graphic designer would take it on from here on a similar basis.

What do you think?  Please vote!

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